LEC laser engraving machine
  • TYPE LEC-1410 LEC-1206 LEC-0906
    Laser Power 50W/60W/80W
    Laser Type Co2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled,10.6 um
    Work Size 1390mm×990mm 1190mm×590mm 890mm×590mm
    Engraving Scanning Speed 25-24000mm/min
    Max Moving Speed 25000mm/min
    Cutting Speed 25-5000mm/min
    Laser Output Control 1-100% software setting
    Smallest Character Engraving Character2.0mm×2.0mm,English1.0mm×1.0mm
    Highest Scanning Precision 2500DPI
    Graphics Format Support DST、PLT、BMP、DXF、AI
    Slope Engraving Yes,360°slope can be designed easily
    Dichroic Cutting Reaches 256 colors to cut
    Dimensions(mm) 1920×1600×990    1820×1200×990    1400×1120×1090   
    Total Power 800/1000W    

  • ◆Creating a slope engraving new era, fill the gaps in the packaging industry, the equipment was rated outstanding technology
    products in ZheJiang
    ◆Flexible or rubber version engraving, shake the flexible resin version of the color overlay area's dominant status, and its
    significantly lower cost
    ◆LEC-0906 is Boye Laser for adapts the market requirement development section economy, the actual benefit, the operation
    simple equipment, favored by medium and small enterprises
    ◆Configuration CAⅡmotherboard can be achieved offline, energy control, with dichroic cutting and engraving gradient function,
    engraving and cutting with high precision to meet the requirements of packaging printing industry
    ◆Professional development of the control software, which possess their own intellectual property rights, to achieve the parameters
    set carving cutting, cutting with envelope functions can be generated automatically envelope can be set arbitrarily carving region
    and its parameters, such as cutting frame, a perfect 360-degree slope carving

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