YPM Fiber laser marking machine
  • Air cooled

    Laser Power 10W,20W,30W,50W
    Laser wave length 1064nm
    Frequency 20KHz~80KHz
    Divergence angle 0.3mrad
    Marking type Stirless marking, Flying marking, Revolving marking
    Format for marking graph,character,bar code,2-D code. Auto marking such as date,batch number,serial number,order of classes
    Size 50mmX50mm~200mmX200mm
    Min-laser beam 0.01mm
    Smallest Character Engraving 0.1mm
    Max Marking Moving Speed 10000mm/s
    Mark Engraves depth 0.01-0.2mm
    Repeat positioning accuracy 0.002mm
    Light Quality 1.4~2.0
    Electricity demand AC220V+10%/50HZ/5A
    Cooling requirements Air cooled
    Supported graphics formats PLT、DXF、BMP等及常用的图像功能(灰度转换、黑白图转换、网点处理等)
    Unit Power 500W-1000W

  • ◆ It is the third generation of laser marking system which is manufactured by the most advanced laser technology in current of the world.
    ◆Using the fibre laser exports the laser beam, and useing the fastest scanning lens system in current world to achieve marking.
    ◆Location by red light testing and changing holder will be easier
    ◆Fibre laser marking machine with high transition efficiency from electricity to light(the efficiency can reach 30%).
    ◆Using wind cooling, so volume of the machine is small. The quality of laser beam is good(near to the limit of diffraction, exporting TEM 00 fundamental transverse mode, M2 near to 1,divergence angle of laser beam is 0.3 mard)
    ◆With high pulse repeatfrequency, power export steadily, energy surge of single pulse is lowwer than 1%, so it can achieve high speed marking, and control the magnitude, depth and shape of facula well
    ◆With high reliability, long using life,save energy, can marking metal and some of nonmetal.

  •  It can marking metal(including the rare metals)such as steel,titanium,copper and so on. And some of nonmetal such as nylon,light button,ABS,PVC, PES.
    The range of application: The area with higher demand for depth,smoothness and degree of thickness, such as clock industry,die industry, bitmap marking and so on. The other area such as electronic component, electrical products, IT industry, auto-parts, metal tools, accurate instrument,present and adornment, medical instrument, high or low voltage electric equipment and so on.

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