CC-ACE Hybrid laser cutting machine

    TYPE CC2513-ACE CC1410-ACE
    Laser Power 150W,300W
    Laser Types Co2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled,10.6 um
    Work Size 2500mmX1300mm 1300mmX1000mm
    Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
    Cutting Speed 25-30000mm/min
    > Laser Energy Control Real-time adjustable
    Auxiliary gas Metal:o2 Nonmetal:Air
    Dichroic Cutting reaches 256 colors to cut
    Dimensions Cooling mode(mm) 4020mm×2200mm×1195mm    2060mm×1780mm×1160mm   
    Total power 4000-6000W   3000-5000W  

  • ◆Adopts panasonic servo drive system, imported bearing,greatly improve the equipment running speed and stability
    ◆Openness of the platform to facilitate the processing of materials available, and work with Pipeline
    ◆Large-scale processing and meet the large number of processing
    ◆Use high quality laser tube,cuting faster and more stable
    ◆Use the laser industry's most advanced control system,ensure fast processing, stable and efficient
    ◆Unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure that processing speed, smooth and efficient
    ◆Operational speed, laser energy real-time tunable, and very easy for customers to operate
    ◆Cutting energy automatic compensation function, cutting greatly improved results
    ◆High precision laser cutting servo system,the laser head and the material always maintain the best cutting distance

  • Application Of Industry

    Decorative industry, the furniture industry, advertising,packaging and printing industry, model industry, process gifts and so on.

    Applicable Materials

    Stainless steel、carbon steel、acrylic、density board、etc.

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