MLC sandpaper laser cutting machine
  • TYPE MLC-1607
    Laser Power 90W/100W/130W
    Laser Types CO2,DC glass laser tube,waer-cooled,10.6um
    Size 1600mm X 700mm
    Cutting Speed 25-30000mm/Min
    Max Speed 7000mm/Min
    Laser Output Control Real-timeadjustable
    Support File Format PLT、DXF(R12)、AI
    Software Support AUTO CAD、Coreldraw、PHOTOSHOP、ILLUSTRATOR
    Dichroic Cutting Reaches 256 colors to cut
    Communication method LAN
    Dimensions(mm) 2400×2080×1630     
    Total power 1600-2000W  

  • ◆Professional designof laser head,especially against sandpaper cutting
    ◆The traditional sandpaper and sand belt processing for revolutionary change, avoid the use of moulds and mould punch by the
    maintenance of the enormous cost; From punch processing, no accident.
    ◆Cutting speed quickly; The cutting edge smooth and processing can be arbitrary model profiled
    ◆Through computer typesetting software control can be seamlessly typesetting, processing waste less
    ◆Smaller equipment, take up less space, is the sandpaper processing industry improve quality and technical content of the device
    of choice
    ◆The current laser cutting and engraving industry's most advanced control platform CA-control system
    ◆Unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure that processing speed, smooth and efficient
    ◆Operational speed, real-time tunable laser energy, and very easy for customers to operate Cutting energy automatic compensation
    function, cutting greatly improved results
    ◆Can also store 99 documents to support power-fail data retention of permanent document storage area
    ◆With four motor control interface and can also control quad motor running

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