LS Laser cutting and engraaving machine
    One laser head type LE-0604 LS-0604 LS-0906 LS-1008 LS-1410 LS-1610 LS-1810
    Double laser head type LS-1410/2 LS-1610/2 LS-1810/2
    Size(mm) 600X400 600X400 900X600 1000X800 1400X1000 1600X1000 1800X1000
    Laser Type Co2 DC glass laser tube,water-cooled,10.6um
    Laser Power 60W,90W,100W,130W
    Speed 25-40000mm/min
    Repeat postioning accuracy ±0.01mm
    Lifting range 230mm none
    Supported File Format PLT、DXF、AI、BMP
    Compatible Software CORELDRAW、ILLUSTRATOR、AUTOCAD、Photoshop
    Work Environment Room temperature 3-45 degrees C, humidity 30-80%
    Electricity 220V±5%/50HZ
    Rated Power 800W 800-1500W
    Weight 110kg 150kg 100kg 180kg 260kg 280kg 300kg
    Machine Size(mm) 990X810X520 990X800X410 1440X1000X1050 1540X1200X1050 2000X1550X1050 2200X1550X1050 2400X1550X1050

  • ◆Control system: The latest laser engraving and cutting control system, with excellent motion performance and user-friendly man machine operation interface;
    ◆File transfer: Send the file by USB, Ethernet and wireless WIFI , support U disk read directly;
    ◆Smoke exhaust system: The integrated smoke exhaust system has the advantages of low noise, good smoke exhausting effect, small space occupied and no need to install;
    ◆Cooling system: Using the industrial circulating water cooling system, which adopt the totally-enclosed structure design and do not need to change the water frequently is more convenient and fast;
    ◆Motion structure: The professional sliding type linear guide,more quickly and longer life than ordinary roller profile guide.

  • Education industry,model industry (construction model,aviation navigation model, wooden toys), the advertising industry, decorative, crafts gift industry, electronics and electrical appliances ,Advertising signs logo, crystal ornaments, paper cutting techniques, relief, bamboo carving simple process, the printing plate, leather clothing, embroidery,  frame production. Industries.

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