HSLC Laser cutting machine
    TYPE HSLC-1610 HSLC-1410 HSLC-1209 HSLC-1206 HSLC-1610/2 HSLC-1410/2 HSLC-1209/2 HSLC-1206/2
    Laser Power 50W/60W/90W/100W/130W 50W/60W/90W/100W
    Laser Type Co2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled,10.6 um
    Work Size(mm) 1590×990 1370X990 1190X890 1190X590 790X990×2 680X990×2 590X890×2 590X590×2
    Engraving Scanning Speed 25-30000mm/min
    Cutting Speed 25-10000mm/min
    Laser Output Control real-timeadjustable
    Highest Scanning Precision 2500DPI
    Graphics Format Support DST、PLT、BMP、DXF、AI
    Dichroic Cutting reaches 256 colors to cut
    Dimensions(mm) 2120×1600×990 1920×1600×990 1820×1500×990 1820×1200×990 2120×1600×990 1920×1600×990 1820×1500×990 1820×1200×990
    Total Power 1000/1200W   1200/1500W  

  • ◆Extensive material processing, smooth cutting edge and burr-free, avoid polishing, Processing high speed, high precision, less waste, high efficiency
    ◆Optional double laser heads cutting machine so that the exponential growth efficiency
    ◆Suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises in the mass production, and also suitable for small enterprises and individual processing.
    ◆The unique design of the new structure to support high-speed cutting, engraving, from low-end to high-end to meet the various product requirements
    ◆Unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure that processing speed, smooth and efficient
    ◆Operational speed, laser energy real-time tunable, and very easy for customers to operate
    ◆Cutting energy automatic compensation function, cutting greatly improved results
    ◆Using LAN interface, two-way communications, improved transmission speed and accuracy; One computer can controlled up to 254 laser equipment, greatly reduces customer investment and maintenance costs

  • Application Of Industry:Model industry (construction model, aviation navigation model, wooden toys), the advertising industry, decorative, crafts gift industry, electronics and electrical appliances industries.and electric appliances, etc.

    Applicable Materials:Acrylic, wooden planks (light wood, wood), bamboo products, color plates, paper, leather, shellfish, coconut shell, horn, resin, animal skin, ABS boards, lamp,non-metallic materials and so on.

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