HSLE Laser cutting and engraving machine
  • TYPE HSLE-0604 HSLE-0906 S-HSLE-0906 S-HSLC-1206 S-HSLC-1209 S-HSLC-1410
    Laser Power 50W/60W/90W/100W/130W/30WRF/60WRF
    Work Size(mm) 590×390 890×590 890×590 1190×590 1190×890 1370×990
    Engraving Scanning Speed 25-60000mm/min
    Cutting Speed 25-10000mm/min
    Laser Output Control real-timeadjustable
    Highest Scanning Precision 2500DPI
    Graphics Format Support DST、PLT、BMP、DXF、AI
    Dichroic Cutting reaches 256 colors to cut
    Dimensions(mm) 1400×1120×1090 1400×1120×1090 1400×1120×1090 1820×1200×990 1820×1500×990 1920×1600×990
    Total Power 含设备+气泵+水泵 700W-1000W  900-1800W

  • ◆Configuration loading electric lifts (patented), the process more convenient
    ◆Extensive material processing, smooth cutting edge and burr-free, avoid polishing, Processing high speed, high precision,
    less waste, high efficiency
    ◆Optional double laser heads cutting machine so that the exponential growth efficiency
    ◆Suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises in the mass production, and also suitable for small enterprises and individual
    ◆Use the laser industry's most advanced control system――BY-control system
    ◆Unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure that processing speed, smooth and efficient
    ◆Operational speed, laser energy real-time tunable, and very easy for customers to operate
    ◆Cutting energy automatic compensation function, cutting greatly improved results
    ◆Can also store 99 documents to support power-fail data retention of permanent document storage area
    ◆Using LAN interface, two-way communications, improved transmission speed and accuracy; One computer can controlled up to
    254 laser equipment, greatly reduces customer investment and maintenance costs

  • Application Of Industry:Model industry (construction model,aviation navigation model, wooden toys), the advertising industry, decorative, crafts gift industry, electronics and electrical appliances ,Advertising signs logo, crystal ornaments, paper cutting techniques, relief, bamboo carving simple process, the printing plate, leather clothing, embroidery,  frame production. Industries.

    Applicable Materials:Acrylic, wooden planks (light wood, wood), bamboo products, color plates, paper, leather, shellfish, coconut shell, horn, resin, animal skin, ABS boards, lamp,Plexiglass, glass,  rubber, marble, granite, ceramic tiles non-metallic materials and so on.

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